How to Use the Template and install the Wall Plate.
Measure marks from the bottom. Place the template on the plywood so that the "center line" is on the marks you measured. Clamp the template snugly to the ends of the plywood. If the template moves, the plywood is trashed.

Template clamped to your 3/4" plywood sheet

Universal Router Base Plate on your Router. Set the depth for a 3/16" deep cut. Make sure you allow for the thickness of the template the router rides on. Try some sample cuts on scrap plywood to ensure adjustments have been made properly.

Router placed in the center of the hole in the template.

Hole in the plywood after you have finished cutting with the router.

Hole marker plate in plywood. Use a nail to mark the centers to drill.

Use a 5/16 drill bit to drill the four corner holes

Use a 1 &3/8" hole saw to drill out the two center holes

Use a Jigsaw to cut out the wood between the two center holes.

Back Plate, spring points down.

Front Plate, notch points down.

Use a Wall Belt to line up the Back Plate with the Front Plate. Notice the back plate is NOT LINED UP because the ball is not seated properly in the hole. Move the Back Plate down.


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